Hans learned about visual adaptation early in his life by drawing portraits, painting in watercolour, having his own animation characters and gradually moving into the art of photography. By 1979 he was a professional photographer photographing in the commercial industry for major Manitoba companies like Motor Coach Industries Ltd., Flyers Industry, Versatile Industries, MacDon Industries Ltd., Palliser Furniture Ltd., the restaurant sector, aviation industry, government, architectural groups and many others.

In the last few years he has immersed himself into becoming a premier outdoor photographer, lecturer, teacher and workshop presenter. He now teaches school children, as a consultant, the art of seeing the world through a camera. His courses have enriched the lives of thousands of children and hundreds of adults through comprehensive workshops designed to teach from the basics to the intermediate level.

Hans is self-taught in wide format print technology and produces most of his fine art décor himself. He frames all his own work producing photo art pieces that adorn homes and offices throughout the country. 

His work from places around the world includes landscapes, nature, urban and wildlife photography. A solid mix of interests that has allowed him to produce two coffee table books. “ Wish You Were Here, A Photographic Journey of the Canadian Landscape “ in 2001 and “ UpNorth, Manitoba’s Last Frontier “, published in 2013, which highlights his latest works of images taken in his own province. The book has been used by Friesen Printers of Altona, Manitoba in a Canada wide entry at the 2014 Canadian Printing Awards Gala and won gold in the “Offset / Hardcover Printing” category. Both publications are on the Canadian best-seller list for self-published coffee table books.

Hans has categorized thousands of usable images that are used in his workshops, presentations, wall art and many publications for multiple mediums in his home province and across the country. He continues to photograph in the outdoors but most of all gives back to those that want to learn the art of seeing by providing his time out in the field with workshops in schools and outdoor venues. His work continues to inspire anyone that is serious with a camera.